Please Note: The B.C. Ministry of education authorizes CCLC to offer an educational program beginning in September. The school will be fully inspected in the fall and expects, upon resolution of any compliance issues identified during the inspection, to be issued full certification by the B.C. Ministry of Education shortly thereafter.”

School Year Calendar:

COMPASS Community Learning Centres – Cedar Grove:

If you have any questions regarding our School Year Calendar, please contact the office.

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Admissions Process:

Please understand that admittance is not guaranteed as it depends on a number of factors, from class size limitations to our ability to meet your child’s particular social, emotional and learning needs. All information is strictly confidential and only persons with legitimate need will have access to any information obtained in the application process. Failure to complete any or all of the application may delay or rule out consideration; however, the applicant may review any questions of a sensitive, personal nature with the Executive Director in advance of completing this form.


1. Parents attend an orientation meeting at CCLC-CGC or at the Central Administrative Office (CAO).

2. Parents and student(s) carefully read through the CCLC Articles of Faith and the Parent-Student Handbook.

3. Parents complete and submit an Application Form to the CAO along with a recent Report Card from the student’s previous school (mail, drop off, or scan and email to

4. Parents notify the references they have provided on their application to expect to receive reference forms, and

request that they submit these to the CAO in a timely manner for the ED’s consideration.

5. If provisionally admitted, parents will be contacted to arrange a family interview with the Executive Director. This will include an Academic Assessment of the prospective student(s) as well as a Social Assessment.

6. Parents and prospective student(s) attend an interview with the ED and/or PT at CGC or the CAO where they will:

                  – Sign affirmations of CCLC’s Articles of Faith and Parent-Student Handbook;

                  – Submit a $100/child Application Fee cheque (deposited upon full admission; non-refundable);

                  – Complete and sign the following forms: BC Residency; Payment Plan; Medical Data and Release;

                    Emergency Release; Dietary Release; Technology & Internet Access Agreement.

7. Parents will be notified within two business days of full admission or wait-listed status.

8. Once full admission is granted (email notification), parents will submit the first month’s fees within five business days to the CAO. If parents are separated or divorced, the custodial parent(s) must also provide legal custody documentation.

9. There will be a three-week probationary period for each student. If it is evident during this time that a student’s academic needs and/or behaviour are unmanageable or overly disruptive to other students’ learning, parents may be required to withdraw them from the school. In this case, only the first month’s tuition will be charged/retained. Please Note: Parents must be aware that, at any point, if a student’s attitude and conduct is persistently in conflict with the vision and direction of CCLC, it may be decided that further attendance would be detrimental to the learning community, in which case the child may be expelled and/or may not be re-admitted. This is not a course of action taken lightly; it would follow prayer and discussion involving the student, faculty, the parents and the Executive Director.