Excellence in Education

An innovative approach to affordable, full-time, biblical-worldview education


By partnering with churches we keep fees affordable for families, in spite of the fact that as a Group 3 Independent School, CCLC does not receive government funding. 


CCLC believes that parents have the primary responsibility for educating their children for Christ and His kingdom. Our campuses are at host churches which share our vision and have Parent Committees who share the responsibility of education.

Comprehensively Christian

Robust, uncompromisingly scriptural teaching is our hallmark, including worldview training that equips students to know, speak, and live the truth.


Education is about much more than facts and ideas being poured into an empty vessel; it’s about learning how to think rationally, critically, and to communicate effectively. It’s about developing an accurate and healthy worldview as well as virtue, character, wisdom, and discernment.

The COMPASS Solution 

Why Are People Leaving Government Schools?

The government-run education system is failing BC’s families in so many ways. Political special interest groups work to undermine the values and beliefs upon which Canada was established, marginalizing and discriminating against those who disagree with them. 


What pastors are saying about the excellence and innovation of COMPASS

Pastor Paul Dirks

We need options for parents, and CCLC is providing one of the most exciting and advanced solutions of which I am aware. COMPASS is committed to a robust Christian worldview that flows through every part of the curriculum, and to teaching fundamental skills in thinking and logic that will equip children to become leaders in our world.

Pastor Kevin Cavanaugh

COMPASS Community Learning Centres is an affordable, God given alternative, piloted by extremely dedicated Christian educators and leaders. I graduated from a small Christian college led by the same kinds of educators; I received a high-quality, Christ-centered education that prepared me well for over 45 years of fruitful ministry. Trust God and help children join COMPASS today. You will never regret it!!!”

Pastor Gary Zekveld

At Compass, our children are receiving an education that is wholly grounded in a biblical worldview, from piety to mathematics to physical education. They are being challenged to strive for excellence in both academics and personal character. And all of this is set within an ordered and nurturing environment, employing a pedagogical model that is elegant and ancient, yet simple and uncluttered. My wife and I (and our children!) love it. A truly classic, Christian education. 

Why we need schools like

Classical Education to Teach Truth, Beauty, and Goodness

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