Subject Areas Include


Piety | Worship | Character, Bible, Theology


English Phonics, Reading, Printing, Spelling, Writing, Listening, Speaking


Numeracy, Addition, Subtraction


Bible History, Ancient Civilizations, Geography


Creation, Basics of Animal and Plant Life, Matter, Motion, Earth/Seasons/Cycles


Physical Education, Physical Skills, Activities and Games, Health and Nutrition


Visual Arts, Music, Drama


Keyboard and Computer Skills, Media Awareness


Social/Life Skills, Job/Career Skills and Readiness


for grades 3 – 5


for grades 6 – 9


for grades 6 – 9


for grades 9 – 12

Our Programs

Grades k-5

The early years in classical education are often referred to as the Grammar Stage. During the initial primary grades, a foundation is laid by learning the elementary components and rules (core knowledge and skills) of phonics, reading, spelling, printing, numeracy and basic arithmetic. Young students easily and eagerly absorb new information and enjoy memorizing factual knowledge, especially through movement and activities (gymnastic) and through rhythm and melody (music). This is the time to begin a chronological survey of the Biblical stories and world history (Creation to Christ) in conjunction with study of ancient human civilizations. Most important of all, it is imperative to guide the development of young children’s affections, empathy, character, and imagination as they become increasingly aware of self, and of the relationships between self and others and between self and God. In grades 3-5, students continue in the grammar stage as they increase their base of knowledge in literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. Cursive writing and the study of Latin language are added to the curriculum and an increasing exposure to the fine arts as well as design and technologies.

Grades 6-9

At this stage, students are beginning to enter the Logic Stage of their social and intellectual development and are therefore ready to begin their formal study of how to reason rightly and to recognize fallacious arguments. By grades 8 and 9, they will also be gradually building their rhetorical skills. During these grades, students will have the opportunity to study French as a second language or to continue in their study of Latin. Social Studies will focus on the history of our civilization from the incarnation of Christ until the Protestant Reformation.

Grades 10-12

Currently Under Development


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